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Dad's Christmas List

I'm completely content to have people team up, or think of little unlisted things I just don't imagine I want or need that would surprise me. I have too much stuff, so intangibles are welcome.

  • A pair of thin liner gloves -- Techwick from EMS, size M, works, but I'd like to try a pair of Icebreakers or equivalent (96% merino wool, 4% lycra)
  • A pair of *lightweight* synthetic long underwear bottoms (sometimes called tights, but with a "functional fly") - to wear on extra cold days under my stretch fleece base layer -- regular midweight polyester longies are too bulky for this purpose.
  • A dozen or so of either of the following: (1) Lara bars (preferably in Cherry Pie, Lemon, or Cocoa Mole flavor); (2) Clif shots or blocks with caffeine, or an equivalent individually packaged caffeine/electrolyte/sugar squishy thing, preferably made w/out hi-fructose corn syrup.
  • The largest capacity micro-SD card that can be accommodated by a BlackBerry 8830 smartphone running OS 4.3. I'm not sure whether that's 4 GB or 8GB.
  • up to two pairs of Smartwool "light hikers" in the size that works with size 9 boots. I think it's L.
  • All the know-how and software necessary to run an automatic backup routine for all Mom's and my electronic documents to my NSLU2, and also selectively to someplace online - not asking for a gift of the storage fees but just the knowledge of where to find a cheap, secure place to put stuff, and how to put it there and update it regularly with minimal fuss.
  • New music that I would like or old music that I don't have, in mp3 or CD format. I'll try to think of examples later, but I'm open to new horizons.
  • A system for playing books on my BB mp3 player instead of running the dysfunctional audible for BlackBerry app. This may be impossible, but I'd like it!

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