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Amy's & Will's Christmas Lists


  • jumper cables/car safety kit
  • an indoor tree, at least 2ft tall already, ficus or money tree would be great.
  • a small plant that would enjoy life in a bathroom with a window (likes occasional steam and not a ton of light, only one north facing window) and has erect foliage, no droopy leaves.
  • Wine bottle stopper (I seem to have lost the one I got in Italy)
  • cotton napkins in beige or brown color, min of 6
  • elevated feeding station for Kdog
  • yummy food, or GiftCertificate for yummy food
  • folding patio set with table and 2-4 chairs (prefer wooden smallish set that really folds tight for storage)
  • fireplace tools, chimney lining and new woodstove :)

Don't feel obligated to stick to the list! I think we're all feeling the recession pinch, or the I just bought a house pinch. I'll try to come up with some more affordable ideas too. Will's list to come shortly. We are coming to Maine for Christmas. We'll be traveling there the 24th and leaving the 27th. Who else will be there? Please send your lists to me too. Love you all.


  • Incense, Nag Champa or other cool scents
  • EXP coated phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings .012-.053
  • Long-sleeve shirts, size large
  • Medium guitar picks (often orange)
  • fleece neck warmer
  • hot water bottle, rubber rectangle
  • puppets, for use at school
  • Panetone bread

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